Scientific Telephone Samples (STS) STS Listed Sampling Click here for RDD Sampling: Highly representative sample of the population.
Click here for Listed Sampling: Target specific sub-groups
Click here for Business Sampling: Target large or small businesses.

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Listed Sampling

  1. Target any type of consumer
  2. Targeting at a more granular level leads to more efficiency
  3. Hundreds of variables to choose from
  4. Unique targeting options
  5. Stratification options enhance sample reliability

STS offers a comprehensive array of listed samples for marketing research. From gender and age targeting to income and psychographics, STS is your one-stop for all your listed or business sampling needs.

Our databases pass through stringent quality control checks and are updated quarterly to ensure each STS sample is of the utmost quality. Each listed sample comes complete with telephone number, name, and address. Of course, you many select from hundreds of data variables to append to each record -- the possibilities are limitless.

STS is the smart choice for all your listed sampling needs. Smart because better data means better results, with more efficiency in the field. Smart because the STS price is always competitive. Plus, our fast same-day turnaround of listed samples can often make the difference.

Listed samples can also be stratified according to census data, which will increase the representativeness and overall accuracy of the list. Listed sample stratification is an example of the cutting edge technology that other sampling suppliers do not offer. With stratification, STS can pre-weight your sample to ensure that the proper amount of records are pulled within the different geographical areas within your sampling frame. With STS Sample Stratification, the sample will more closely adhere to the population and better represent your sampling frame.

Listed Samples Offered
STS offers a comprehensive selection of scientifically constructed targeted listed samples to fulfill almost any marketing research project. Using our industry leading data, you can target specific subgroups using hundreds of variables.

Click here to view a partial list of consumer sample targets/appends.
Note: many other categories exist.


How to Order a Sample
Placing your RDD, listed or business sample order is as easy as a phone call or an email to STS.

Phone: (800) 944-4-STS
or, request a quote here.

An STS representative will be happy to assist you.

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