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Listed Sampling

A sample list of consumer target category options appears below – you can also download this list if you prefer. Please note that many additional categories exist.

If you need additional help with selection criteria, or don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact an STS account representative today at (800)944-4-STS, or e-mail us at

Unit Type
Address Type
Standardized City Name
Delivery Point Check Digit
Carrier Route
State Code
2000 Census Tract
2000 Census Block Group
2000 Demographic Level Indicator
USPS Delivery Service Type
Length of Residence
Location Type
DQI2 Occupancy Count
Delivery Unit Size
Household Arrival Date
List Rental Mail Indicator
Household Size 1-2
Household Size 3+
Married Score
Refresh Date
Age of Household Member
Name Address verification source
Num of Active Trade Lines
Travel Entertainment Card
Bank Card
Premium Bank Card
Retail Card
Oil Company Card
Specialty Retail Card
Upscale Retail Card
Finance Card
Credit Card
Bank Card Issue Date
Mortage Presence Flag
Marital Status Code
Ethnic Surname Code
Religion Code
Drop Indicator
Work At Home
Spouse Indicator
Household Member Count
Number of Adults
Presence of Children
Num of Children
Children By Age By Gender
Children By Age By Month
Number of Surnames in Household
Household Income
PPI Purchasing Power Index
Wealth Finder
Expendable Income Ranking
Loan to Value Ratio
Age Code
Age Code Data Source
Foreign Language Code
Language Confidence Level
Ethnic Code
Own \ Rent
Homeowner Source Code
Home Equity Estimate
Home Value Code
Home Value Source
Female Occupation
Male Occupation
Grandparent in House
Mail Responsive Current
Mail Responsive Ever
Mail Responsive Recent
Cat Owner
Dog Owner
Mail Order Buyer
Heath Contributor
Political Contributor
Religious Contributor
Environmental Contributors
Owns stocks or Bonds
VCR Owner
Early Internet Adopter
Congressional Districts
FIPS (Numeric)
Postal City Name *
Census 2000 Geographical Match Level
DPV Score \ Deliverability
Political Party Affiliation
Heavy Internet User
Time Zone
Enhanced Ethnic Code
Enhanced Ethnic Group
Enhanced Ethnic Language
Enhanced Ethnic Religion
ZIP Code
Telephone Acquisition Date
Multi Primary Source
Combined Ethnic Group
Books & Music
Car Buff
Children's Product Interest
Collectibles Interest
Computer Owner
Electronic Interest
Fashion and Jewelry Interest
Gardening & Horticulture Interest
Golfing Interest
Gourmet Food & Wine Interest
Handicrafts & Sewing Interest
Health & Fitness Interest
High Ticket Mail Order Buyer
Home Decorating Interest
Home Workshop Interest
Investment Interest
Sweepstakes Interest
Outdoor Enthusiast
Pet Owner
Photography Enthusiast
Stamp/Coin Collector
Travel & Entertainment Interest
Hunting Interest
Fishing Interest
Boating/Sailing Interest
Foreign Travel Interest
Gambling Interest
Dieting/Weight Loss Interest
Cooking Interest
Camping Interest
Agina/Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Physical Handicap
Hearing Difficulty
Bladder Control Difficulty
Frequent Headaches
Country Of Origin
Magazine Interest


How to Order a Sample
Placing your RDD, listed or business sample order is as easy as a phone call or an email to STS.

Phone: (800) 944-4-STS
or, request a quote here.

An STS representative will be happy to assist you.

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